Tetratologists Inc – Art Exhibition, Curated by Katherine Coppock

Tetratologists Inc.

Tetratologists Inc Exhibition Opening

“‘Like a letter on the page the Monster signifies something other than itself; it is always a displacement, always inhabits the gap between the time of upheaval that created it and the moment into which it is received, to be born again…’
–J.J. Cohen

Manifestations of the unknown. Fears, secrets, threats. The OTHER.
What we have limited conceptions of scares us. To associate with this fear, we solidify it. Turn it to a physical (or metaphysical) object we can see, influence, or battle. We demonize our insecurities in the hopes of driving them back into the cupboard, or bury them in the earth. We give them shape, form, and colour. We give them power so we may gain our own power back.

This exhibition features multidimensional works by 22 local emerging artists as they bring their deepest fears and secrets to life.”