Hens Night

ladies night, beading

Come and celebrate your hens night with us creating gorgeous jewellery for the wedding or make something fun that will remind you of this special time. Have a relaxed social afternoon or evening of beading with a drink, some nibbles and your closest friends. We will give you a demonstration on how to make a pair of earrings and bracelet, let your creative side out and enjoy!

Cost $25 pp (not including materials)

Bookings require a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 people


School Holiday Workshop

Holiday Workshop beads

School Holiday Workshops


Come along to the holiday workshops and create your own beautiful jewellery! Workshops go for approximately an hour and each child creates their own unique necklace, bracelet and keyring. Parents are more than welcome to stay and make something for themselves or go grab a coffee across the road and take a break. Book in early to avoid disappointment, there are limited places.

$27 (Includes a $21 bead kit)

Christmas Holidays Timetable

Wed  July 13th – 10:30

Wed July 20th - 1:30


All workshops are approx 1hr long


Wire Wrapping

turquoise wrapped earrings

Wire wrapping is a fantastic way to liven up and add a bit of interest to beaded jewellery. It also good for beads without holes, you can create a cage for found objects to create beautiful and unique pieces. In this lesson we go through the process of wire wrapping using headpins, creating your own eye pins and ring shanks. You will make your own pair of wire wrapped and coiled earrings and finish with a wire wrapped ‘caged’ bead.

1 Hour

Suitable for ages 10+

$45 individual tuition
$30 ea two to five people
$25 ea five to ten people

Materials included (sterling silver extra)
All lessons by appointment, please book one week in advance


Shambala Bracelet

Shambala Bracelet

Learn how to make your own fancy macrame knotted Shambala bracelet. These fashionable bracelets are not only fun to make they look fantastic, when you make your own you can choose the perfect colours for your style.



Suitable for ages 8+

$45 individual tuition
$30 ea two to five people
$25 ea five to ten people

Materials included (sterling silver extra)
All lessons by appointment, please book one week in advance


Pearl Knotting


Knotting is a traditional technique for stringing pearls and gemstones. Pearls are made from calcium carbonate in minute crystalline form, they are a relatively soft material (2.5 – 4.5 on the Mohs scale).

Pearls and gemstones are traditionally knotted to prevent the beads from rubbing against each other. The knots are also really handy in saving your beads should a strand accidentally break. Today knotting is used in lots of different types of jewellery, now you can learn this wonderful technique and use it in your work too!

1 Hour

Suitable for ages 10+

$45 individual tuition
$30 ea two to five people

Materials included
All lessons by appointment, please book one week in advance

Ladies Night

ladies night, beading

7-9pm Thursdays (or by appointment)

$25 per person + materials
Have a drink and some nibbles and make a social night out of beading! Help with projects available. Bookings essential, limited spaces.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Kit, Rainbow

Beading Jewellery Party

The team of experienced artists at Ladybeads ensures that a safe, comfortable and exciting environment is provided for children to let their inner beadsmith out. We provide instruction and guidance to each child so that they feel confident designing and creating their own individual pieces of jewellery.

On arrival each guest receives an attractively presented kit with their own personalised assortment of beads featuring their two favourite colours. The age appropriate beads are a mix of high quality glass, resin, wood and polymer clay beads and charms.

While the children are having fun, they are learning too! As well as exploring their creative side, the beading process helps children develop their concentration skills and hone their dexterity.

At Ladybeads we love delivering high quality birthday parties that children will have fun remembering every time they wear their fabulous, one of a kind creations!

We have a minimum number of 6 guests up to a maximum of 12. Invitations can be provided in PDF format if required.

There are three party options to choose from:


  • 1 Hour – necklace and bracelet

Cost – $21 per child

A good choice for younger children, recommended for ages 4 and 5.

  • 1 1/2 Hours – necklace, bracelet, key ring OR bookmark

Cost – $31 per child

The 11/2 hour party allows enough time for a short break for birthday cake and nibbles*.

  • 1 3/4 Hours – set of 5 bohemian bracelets with charms

Cost – $38 per child

Create something special and stylish, unique to you! This party option allows enough time for a short break for some birthday cake and nibbles*.

(Recommended for 8yrs +)


*Catering is not included but parents are more than welcome to provide their own party food

Glass Bead Making

Beginners glass bead making workshop

2016 Timetable

Beginners: April 23rd and April 30th

Intermediate: May 28th (one day only)

Beginners: August 6th and 13th

Tutor: Sharon Upton

Beginners Glass Making

In this class you will learn how to melt glass on a torch and wind it on to a metal rod to make unique beads while learning a variety of glass techniques. In the first week you will learn how to make roundish beads and decorate them with dots, make little flowers, pull thin pieces of glass to use as decoration, twist two colors together to make twisties and more. The next week we cover more intricate techniques including twisting, snail beads, pressing and shaping beads, plunging and encasing, finishing off with a beautiful encased floral bead. This class will give you the opportunity to learn the age old technique of glass bead making, once you have learnt how to make your own beads, your whole approach to jewellery making will change

- Beginners workshops are run over two consecutive Saturdays, limited spaces book in early.

All workshops are held on a Saturday from 9:00am to 4pm
$310 (inc. tool hire and materials)

Intermediate Glass Making
This class is for those who have already learnt the basics of glass bead making and want to take it to the next level. We will cover a variety of new techniques that include sculptural, silver reaction, advanced floral work ,complex cane and murini. It will really re-inspire you!!

All workshops are held on a Saturday from 9:00am to 4pm
$210 (inc. tool hire and materials)

Precious Metal Clay

Precious Metal Clay, leaf beads

2014 Timetable TBA
Tutor: Lise Moody



Learn how to make beautiful fine silver jewellery in this hands on workshop. You will learn how to use silver metal clay to shape a unique piece of jewellery to wear or give to someone.

Silver Clay is an amazing medium to work with, you can shape it like clay and when finished, fire it to get a .999 fine silver piece of jewellery. Metal clay can be rolled, textured while wet or dry, carved and shaped in a multitude of ways. It is a completely different process to working in sterling silver and you need minimal tools to start.

Most students make more than one piece of jewellery in the intro workshop, however some students prefer to make one large piece. Rings are not made in the introductory workshops, you will learn this technique in the more advanced classes.

I demonstrate torch firing during the workshop so students get an idea of how easy this material is to work with at home.

All you need to bring to the workshop is your imagination and your lunch – both can be as creative as you want. What you make on the day is only limited by your courage and the time limitations of a one day workshop. I will have additional clay for sale on the day if you want to go BIG.

All workshops are held on a Sunday from 9:30am to 4pm
$195 per person, tool hire and 25g of PMC3 included


Take your skills from the beginners class to the next level.  In this workshop you will learn dry construction techniques to make a 3 dimensional piece of jewellery and you will earn how to make your own textured printing plate to create your signature texture on metal clay. This class will run from 9 – 1pm and you will be provided with all tools, photopolymer printing plate base and 16gms of clay. If you wish to buy more clay, there will be supplies available on the day.

To make your printing plate you will need to email your doodles or drawings to the instructor prior to the class. If you are unable to do this, an alternative style of texture plate can be made at class. The type of drawing or image that is required is a fine point black pen on white paper, Dover Crafts images, and doodles that you have drawn on paper and scanned are suitable.

All workshops are held on a Sunday from 9:00am to 1pm
$145 per person, tool hire and 16g of PMC3 included


Beginners Lesson - Earring Making

Ideal for those who don’t know where to start; are overwhelmed by beadshops; think they aren’t creative (everyone is – promise!) or just want to play with sparkly pretty things!

you will learn:

- names and uses for all the tools and basic materials

- basic earring technique and design

- how to finish necklaces and bracelets on tiger tail and leather

1 Hour

Suitable for ages 10+

$45 individual tuition
$30 ea two to five people
$25 ea five to ten people

Materials included (sterling silver extra)
All lessons by appointment, please book one week in advance