Autotellic Transgressions Bugshroom – Art Exhibition, Paintings by Trip Chester

art exhibition opening, Paintings by Trip Chester
art exhibition opening, Paintings by Trip Chester

Autotellic Transgression Bugshroom – Paintings by Trip Chester

There is a tale of a hopeless American gambler who drank himself into a stupor and found refuge in an empty house undergoing tent-fumigation one summer night in the time following the hiroshima bombing. The effects of the harmful insecticide changed this man’s perception for life. He vomitted blood as the black and white casino chips fell from his shirt pocket into the red puddle before him. He looked up and saw a poster on the refrigerator. With the combined popularity of the a-bombs mushroom cloud and theĀ great fear of bed-bugs at this time, the pest controller had chosen to use a toadstool and a ladybug for his company logo, which happend to be on display on a poster on the refrigerator. The pest controllers logo much resembled the image on the floor of the blood and casino chips that the drunken gambler had just made. Though no longer did this man gamble or drink as he was locked in a psych-ward following the diagnosis of severe philosophical mania. Medication stopped him from speaking his theories, but he painted for the rest of his days- pictures always including toadstools and ladybugs. The files of his philosophies disappeared, though it is believed fragments of his theories were continuously woven into his art. His artwork was bought-out by a group of doctors and specialists who happened to work on his case. Nobody outside of this circle ever saw the art. Nor is there any record of what medication the patient was on- let alone the actual name of the patient. Anyone who worked with this patient is now in hiding. This is the inspiration for my exhibition- “Autotellic Transgressions Bugshroom”, Trip Chester.



Kropp – Art Exhibition, Paintings by Gabriel Cunnett


kropp_gabriel_cunnett_exhibitionLast chance to see the amazing paintings by Gabriel Cunnett depicting parts of the nude body in vibrant smooth colours. Exhibition closes 25th of January