Candace Blom

‘From My Eyes’

I was exposed to drawing and painting at a young age by both Grandmas who were talented in the medium of oil painting, amongst other mediums. They were the main reason I started painting. My Nanna taught me to use oil paints at a young age and I still remember that horrifying moment when I flicked green oil paint onto her white dining chairs and white carpet. 

I studied art all through high school and topped my year 12 Art Practical Class. One of my portfolios was taken by SACE to use as an example for future students. Since school I have continued to paint, landscapes being my main focus but recently experimenting with abstract. I recently started art classes at Noah’s Art and am constantly exploring new techniques, experimenting and improving.”

- Candace Blom


Candace Blom, From My Eyes

Candace Blom, From My Eyes